Dear friends,

Recently I have joined Riot Bread Art Collective and now I have a studio on East Austin (3409 E 5th St, Austin, TX) 

We are participating on the Austin Studio Tour event organized by Big Medium and it has over 500 stops. We are stop 277 and there is a lot of art to see around our studio. It is a big deal and a super cool art event! I am very happy and would love to share this moment with my chosen austenite family.

In 3 weeks, I have organized and printed over 40 art pieces, including some exciting work in progress. Most of the prints are in metal and some are 20 x 30 inches abstracts, but I also have meow art and a 2022 Meow Eat Nap calendar and cute polaroid prints of kittens.

Feel free to BYOB, pets, family and friends!

I would love to see you all there this weekend.

Lígia Francisco