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Lígia Francisco

Ligia Francisco Mirror Self-Portrait

Lígia Francisco is a Brazilian visual artist based in Austin, Texas.

Artist Statement

I have been always an observer and very interested in creative explorations of daily life. I became closer to photography at the age of 21, when I moved to Argentina. I took my parent's camera to share pictures of my experience abroad. I was the first one in my family to live in another country. However, I ended up registering ordinary details that made part of my life and shaped how I viewed the world and myself. Since then, I have lived in many countries, and I have used my camera to interpret daily life poetically.

This multicultural experience combined with a nonlinear career path led me to develop an unusual set of skills of languages, technologies, and world perspective. Weirdly enough, it all comes together to create my projects, products, exhibits and this website. Living between new languages and cultures has shown me photography as a powerful way to express and build who I am. I usually seek out ordinary moments or objects, small details, and patterns that compose metaphoric images. I mostly intend to draw attention to the unnoticed and the unexpected beauty of mundane subjects.

abstract reflection on the water

I am interested in the relationship between photographic language, identity, and diversity. I am amazed by the impact art, and creative processes can have on social, racial, and gender equality changes. My artwork includes mostly still life, abstract, and street photography. I also enjoy exploring different media like videography, textile art, painting, collages, poetry etc. I have had the honor to exhibit and publish my artwork in the US, Europe, and Brazil.

Bio, exhibitions and publications

2021. Two-person exhibition. Austin Studio Tour Stop #277. Austin TX, United States.
2021. Joined Riot Bread Art Collective in Austin, Texas, United States.
2020. Juried group exhibition. (Re)Imagine 2020. Texas State University, Round Rock, TX, United States.
2019. Group exhibition. Rebel Fitz Gallery, Austin, TX, United States.
2018. Group exhibition. Friends of Friends Gallery. Austin, TX, United States.
2018. Time suspended. Revista Parsimonia. Mexico.
2016. Amara Moira. Catraca Livre. Brazil.
2016. Two-person exhibition. LGBT ART Series. Association Cameleon Culture. Paris, France.
2016. (Dé)connexion. Revista Rua. Brazil.
2015. Juried group exhibition. Bring to light. San Francisco Art Institute, United States.
2015. Group exhibition. Learning to see. San Francisco Art Institute, United States.
2013. (Re)lectura de New York. Mambo Magazine: Especial Fotografía de autor, Spain.
2013. Solo exhibition. Interpretações. Campinas State University, Brazil.
2013. Abstract series. One Shoot Magazine, Mexico.
2012. Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics. Campinas State University, Brazil.
2009. Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics. Campinas State University, Brazil.
2007. Bachelor's Degree in Literature. Campinas State University, Brazil.
2005. Exchange Program in Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina. 
1984. Born in August 5th in Barretos, São Paulo, Brazil.